During the early part of 2011, a comment in the railway press concerning omissions from the preservation scene especially in Tasmania, spurred a couple of individuals in the state to form a group to preserve a number of locomotives that have had an important role in the recent history of Tasmanian railways.

A meeting was held in Launceston during March where the outcome was the initial formation of ”Diesel Traction Tasmania”. The society was formally established on the 31st of July 2011 after the Incorporation meeting was held.


Diesel Traction Tasmania is now working on developing a depot at Turner Marsh just North East of Launceston. Turner Marsh is on the former North East Line and is currently under threat from being dismantled to make way for a Rail Trail for cyclists. Diesel Traction Tasmania is also trying to save the line from being dismantled with the long term vision of being able to run some form of rail venture on part of the line.


Diesel Traction Tasmania currently has two locomotives, 2144 (ZC19) and 2122 (ZB3) both of which are currently stored at East Tamar Junction.