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Number Status Location
2144 Awaiting Collection Tasrail, East Tamar Junction MPD
To Follow
Built ByEnglish Electric, Rocklea Works, Brisbane, Queensland
Dates in Service1988 - 2004
Introduced ByAustralian National - TasRail
Numbers Carried1300 - 1344, ZC1 - ZC45, 2140 - 2146
Total (In Tasmania)45
Total Preserved1
EngineEnglish Electric 12CSVT MKII
Main GeneratorEnglish Electric 822
Traction MotorsEnglish Electric 548 x 6
Wheel ArrangementCo - Co
Brakes FittedB7EL Air Brake / 26L Air Brake
Power1800hp 1470kW
Length47ft 12in14.6m
Load Limit (1 in 40 Grad)450t

All details listed relate to the time that locomotives spent in Tasmania. See 'Overview' for other historic information.

Built from 1967 for Queensland Rail as the 1300 class, all 45 locomotives were purchased from Queensland Rail and 33 entered service from 1988 onwards as the ZC class. Only four ZC class remained with TasRail,  2140, 2141, 2144 and 2145 up until June 2012. The last example of the class being withdrawn from service with Pacific National Tasmania in 2004 and remained in storage at the East Tamar Workshop.  All locomotives have had some parts removed for use on the six MKA locomotives (see MKA for more details). Two further 'ZC' class locomotives were exported to Senegal in West Africa in 2005 after being modified in Melbourne.


In June 2012 TasRail donated 2144 to Diesel Traction Tasmania, the remaining three were sent for scrap only weeks later.  2144 is now the sole remaining 1300 / ZC class remaining in Australia.

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