There are a couple categories when it comes into portability consideration.


In every budget gaming notebook that you’re likely to have, you need to always make it a point to take into consideration its portability.The first category is minimal; which belong to this category have a size ranging from 17 to 18 in inches unit. Second is the medium, it has a size of 15 inches. 1 instance of a minimum category is Alien ware 17, this notebook is easy to carry and you can bring it anywhere you want.



This kind of notebook has a heat-generating element that contributes to its great strength and durability. However, it has its downside. The battery of this kind of notebook easily gets drained which you would need to have it plugged in every now and then.

Second is the Medium category. Moderate portability category, on the other hand, has laptops that weigh lightly ranging from 4.6 to 7.5 pounds. And includes a notebook size. You would definitely love the appearance of it. And aside from its appearances, you can use it for about nearly 6 hours and unlike the first category, you do not have to plug it in every now and then only to be able to use it consistently.

Finally is the Best category. A notebook that belongs to the category has a size range of 13 to 14 in inches. It weighs very lightly around 5 pounds. You can use it for approximately 7 hours and 30 minutes.The drawback is its CPU/GPU isn’t as powerful as the first 2 classes since it’s small in size and not much space to reduce the heat.